Coming across a carefully and lovingly stacked rock pile unexpectedly-
where someone had created
a rudimentary Sacred Space...
is so sweetly human that
the tendency to resonate with the place can be strong.
Naturally, folks who resonate with rocks seldom can resist the temptation
to add a few stones
of their own selection
to an already established pile.
- Unknown

Who we are and our mission

In the fall of 2012 we found this diamond in the rough, a magical piece of land in the heart of the Hocking Hills state parks and the bridal trails. We have groomed this corner of land to provide you with a safe and beautiful place to have a retreat from the mundane daily rat race. We strive to help you have the opportunity to find the magic in this awe inspiring area. Whether you are vacationing with your significant other, sharing your love of the great outdoors with your children, getting married, hiking the trails with your horses, or looking for a place for your group to celebrate you can't find a more beautiful environment.
We know you'll enjoy your stay with us, we're sticklers for ensuring your stay is the best it can be. Let us know how we can help you manifest your dreams, we know you are helping us manifest ours.